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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 84- busy busy busy... and rain.

Well, this past week has just FLOWN. we were really busy doing a lot of things. my head is kinda spinning a little bit ill be honest. But thats just the way we like it! no time to slow down just GO GO GO!
rather than give the play by play update, id rather just give the person for person update of the week-
Pashk- he was the main focus of our efforts this last week. he is the man from Kosovo. We worked really closely with him this last week with the branch president- the branch president has taken particular interest in Pashk and helping him change his life. We worked out with him a way to budget his money so that he can live and pay off his debts month for month- and its looking good! and we set the goal for the 18th of october as his baptism! we will have to see how that works- he wasnt able to make it to church this sunday- but we will keep working with him.
Robert- Robert is a new guy we found this week. He is from Sri Lanka- he has been in germany for 2 years. His situation is really tragic. There was a very large war in Sri Lanka between the government and a terrorist group- and during this time, Robert worked as a rescue driver- essentially every time they called for cease fire- he went in with a crew of people to pull out as many bodies as he could. during one of this times, he was kidnapped by the terrorist group for several weeks- when they released him, the goverment suspected him of actually BEING a part of the group. The group threatened to kill his family if he testified in court the real story against the terrorist group. this group also broke both his knees and his spine. So there is a court case going on against him, but he fled the country because both sides are threatening his life. But he had to leave behind a wife and three kids. In germany, he recieved surgery for his back and his knees, and although he is allowed to work, his medical condition wont allow it for another year or so. His biggest concern is the safety of his family in the meantime. The german government is still working out his papers- when he recieves allowance, the goverment will ship his family over to him and everything will be ok. The main problem now is just the waiting- while he waits here in safety, he is going crazy with worries. as he told us his story he broke down and just cried and cried. He is really traumatized not only because of his family, but because of his experiences in the war. He goes to a professional counselor once a week- but he was begging for our help in any way we could. So we taught him about faith and prayer- and the message of the gospel- that it brings peace. We felt strongly to promise him that if he would pray in faith, God would protect his family until they arrive in germany. So the whole thing is really hard, and everytime i think about what hes been through i just get a heavy heart- it reminds me how blessed ive been in my life.
Jan- Jan owns the used computer stuff store around the corner from our house. He is a way cool german guy- about 40. he learns slowly, but its so humble and open. we were able to teach him about baptism two weeks ago- and this week he told us that he has decided to be baptised again! and he promised he would do it before i leave back to america- we are really good friends- so we are excited about that! we just need to work on helping him understnad what that actually means! He still struggles with praying but he is really trying to learn! so, i dont know when it will work out exactly- but he is willing to work towards that- and he has made the decision for himself!
Cicek and Nayde- they are the turkish couple that has been coming to church every week for the last few months. really every week! they havent missed once since we started teaching them! the language barrier is still a big problem- but the branch president is working with them to that _Nayde can be baptised and become a christian!
Nattha- we have had very little contact to Nattha recently- since she moved she has been having a really hard time- she texted us this week and said she needs space. we reminded her about the story of the tree of life- that the mist of darkness always comes before we make it to the tree and that we need to press forward. she recommitted herself to trying- but she needs time. Its hard to understand exactly what shes going through, but we need to pray for her!
Br. Kästle and S. Adam and Br. Ruppel- these are three less actives that we are really working a lot with- all have made lots of progress at coming back to church in the last few weeks- they all couldnt make it on sunday, but have all committed to coming next week!
Brigitte- we have been doing the new convert lessons with her and she is just lovely. she is the nicest lady. and she told us this week that her and Br. Trippel are going to get married soon! and we made the guest list at the wedding! then they are already planning in a year to get sealed in the temple- she is starting the temple prep class soon!
We are really blest and busy here. but its been raining a lot lately. like every day. Just goes to show that we can just keep pressing forward despite the circumstances we are in!
I love you all!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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