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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 86- i hear wedding bells.....

Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde der Familie Bartholomew...
This week has been a fast one. whoosh. But we survived! I will do my best to sum up the best points of the week...
Monday night we tried to take a book of mormon to a man in Romanian- couldnt find his house, but we ran into him on the street while we were looking for him! so we were able to give him the book! then he gave us his "corrected" address- which we still couldnt find... so we literally checked every single house on the street to find his name. we found it :)
Tuesday we did a Finding Day in Heilbronn- i was partnered up with Elder Geilman- we talked to like a million people next to the river. had a few really interesting conversations... the river was really pleasant though, with the autumn leaves falling everywhere. it made me grateful for the earth, and that im not serving in the middle of the desert somewhere!
That night was the first exchange of the week- i stayed with Elder Geilman in Heilbronn- and we taught Ny, our viatnamese investigator. AND OH THE DRAMA. im not even sure if i should write this in the letter. So i mentioned last week that she had prayed and had a special feeling about the book of mormon. Well, she told us this week...... she has been trying to have children for years now, and it has never worked. when she read the book of mormon and prayed, the special feeling she had, was that god was going to answer her prayer. and he did. She announced that she is pregnant! that kinda blew us off our feet- she said that was the answer to her prayer. wow- that has never happened before! but i guess well work with it! we are meeting with her again tonight, so hopefully we can explain the restoration well enough- my viatnamese isnt too good.....
Wednesday we taught Sch. Adam again- and she came to church on sunday! woot! we committed her to write down her testimony and keep it with her. she is progressing great! that night we went to the Zanders- i got to get up on the roof again and build another roof thingy... thats always fun! This week, we are going back to Zanders, and they invited our investigator Jan to come with for the "Tag der Deutscheneinheit!" (day of german unity) celebrating the day the wall fell. fun stuff!
Thursday was the WEDDING! Brigitte and Br. Trippel got married! and we were invited as special guests for the ceremony and the after party. they had SO MUCH FOOD ordered- too much. so we got to take some home. booya!
Friday and saturday was the second exchange- i got to go to Ludwigsburg to work with Elder Martinez. that was a fun day- we baked some cupcakes (they were possibly the worlds greatest i might add) and took them to a less active family. While we were walking i stoped some guy as he rode by on his bike and we gave him a book of mormon- he was a way cool dude. after he rode off again, Elder Martinez was way impressed that i stopped the guy on the bike haha but thats not the craziest thing ive done on my mission.... it only starts getting crazy when you start waving down cars and stuff. but ive only done that once. and they got really mad at me haha.
Sunday i gave a talk in church AND played a musical number with a member, and i blessed the sacrament. it felt a little like the "Elder Bartholomew" show- but im glad to help out. My talk was about preach my gospel- i committed all the members to get a copy and read it- like elder ballard said in the last general conference. we got a lot of member appointments scheduled for this week to start reading preach my gospel with the members! im hoping we can get some sparks going here!
Well that was the week! crazy stuff! and it just keeps getting better!
i love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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