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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 80- emailing on a tuesday...

Liebe Familie! 
You may be wondering why i am emailing on a tuesday! its because we had interviews with President Kohler yesterday! so we had to move everything around and now im emailing today. i guess i works haha. the interveiw went well- President Kohler is a lot different that President Miles- President Miles was very official, he had a timer in every interview set to exactly 7 minutes- very official in everything. he also had a very special way with words- he had a way of getting to the point and drilling it into your head in a way that you walk out feeling kinda like you got the wind knocked out of you- but still feeling hopeful about things. President Kohler is very relaxed- its obvious hes still figuring things out- but he was very relatable- just accepting his role as a helper in the work, trying to fit our needs. I really like him a lot! I have had two STELLAR presidents on my mission! Im not sure how we got so lucky! 
while we were in stuttgart we took a walk down Königstraße (the main street of stuttgart) and i found the only Lederhosen shop in this whole area pretty much- because lederhosen is typically a austrian-bavarian thing. But im not sure if Ill be going back to bavaria or austria on my mission and my time is running out, so im looking into other options haha. They had great qualtiy and good prices- but they closed right after we got there. next time! 
This last week was really really good. Unfortunately things have kinda stagnated a little bit- and by that i mean we taught a lot- but our week pretty much looked identical to the previous week- we met with all of the same people and no one has made noticable progress it seems.... plus we are struggling to find new people. But Nattha is acutally progressing great! she didnt come to church again (noooo!) because her mother was celebratin her birthday according to Budhist tradtion- which had to happen on sunday and required a whole day ceremony... oh well. we taught about the plan of salvation to her and her friend Ken (the one that she brings along to the lessons) and they both LOVED it! they really soaked it in and opened up about their lives- kinda relating that they can recognize the purpose in all he trials they have had. it was really awesome! 
we also met with Herr Krausse this week (he is very catholic but believes on the book of mormon? im not sure how that works but it does) but we worked our way through Jacob 5 together discussing all the symbolisms- trying to explain how it points to the apostasy- but he couldnt see it. he felt like it only ment that judaism grew old. frustrating haha.
In other news, the weather has really gotten chilly this last week. people are really feeling like autumn is here- which is strange for mid august... im still wearing short sleeve shirts as long as i can haha. all the leaves are beginning to change a little bit... and the grapes are getting ripe for harvest. its expected to jump back up in september for a few weeks to pay back for this weird cold front. well see what happens! 
I wish everyone good luck who is returning to school this week- and those starting college soon. and i think i know some people getting married in the coming weeks too- haha life moves on! i guess thats just the way it is! 
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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