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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 87- general conference magic!

Liebe Familie!

I dont have oooodles of time this week- we are going to go have an adventure in Stuttgart shortly, but i have some WAY exciting news to report! but ill get to that later.
First i must say- General Konferenz- SO GOOD. such a spiritual recharge. i needed that. plus- two native germans spoke- President Uchtdorf and Elder Klebingat. i wish they would have spoken in german! oh well. You probably didnt notice it- but we did :)-  President Uchtdorf, while announcing the choir number- slipped and said "the chor will now sing"- HA! Chor (it sounds like Koour) is the german word for Choir- all the members watching cheered :) He was using several german pronunciations- it was interesting. i wish he would just speak german.
Well, i gotta report the two best parts of the week.
1) this didnt actually happen this week, but i dont think i said it last week. BACK IN ST. PÖLTEN- we worked SO MUCH with a less active man named Brother Korherr- we had so much experiences with him. but he never came back to church. I had a really close relationship with him- he even said i was his favorite missionary ever :) well, ive been gone for almost a year now- and i just got word last week- Brother Korherr is completely active in the church again! When i was there, he visited the church building for the first time in 15 years (that was a miracle story too long to tell here) and now hes active again! I cried when i got the news. we dont always see the effects of what we do, but i felt strongly connected to him, and hearing that he came back just makes me so happy!
2) this one DID happen this week. It just felt like everything was coming together perfectly. now i can really see Gods hand working through the last 6 months. We have been teaching this man named Jan Kreißl. he owns the electronics shop. he is just so cool. We had a first lesson with him my 2nd week in Heilbronn and we have been meeting ever since. really slow progress for sure. we just didnt know how to speed it up. Well, also since i came here, we have been visiting the Zander family every week, trying to strengthen Br. Zander in his resolve to come back to the church and resume the full rights of membership. WELL the stars alligned and we were able to arrange the chance for Jan to come with us to the Zanders. we made Maultaschen together, and just had a great time. I really had the feeling Br. Zander would be great friends with Jan. and we were right! they were instantly the best of friends. Well, after the meal we had an incredible lesson about prayer- and the Zanders just took over with their experiences. Br. Zander bore powerful testimony of how he knows the church is true- and then HE invited Jan to pray to come to know the truth and then he went further, and HE invited Jan to be baptised! and Jan accepted! it was the answer to prayers because i think Jan was able to accept the invitation from the member better than us and the spirit was so strong! it was amazing! plus it was so cool to see Br. Zander bear such powerful testimony. Jan will be baptised on the 26th of October! after all this time and work, he is ready to make the step!
Man! things are just great!
well time is up!
adventure is out there!
love you!
Elder Bartholomew

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