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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 68- Brigitte Schübeler

Guten Morgen Liebe Familie!!!!
What a week. first of all- is the weather in Utah being bi-polar too? almost everyday here, the weather switched between cold and rain, too really... reallly hot haha. a couple nights we slept without blankets and a fan on, and the next night we were sleeping with extra blankets because it  had gotten so cold! This flip flop is making me tired i think haha. But despite that, we had an awesome week! 
on tuesday, we did district meeting in Ludwigsburg, and afterwards i stayed for an exchange with the DL elder smith! after the meeting we went straight to a service project in another town- well there wasnt a train or a bus, so wouldnt ya know it- we hoofed it! it took us about an hour of walking through tall fields- kinda cool, but it was really hot that day haha. then we worked in the garden of a member for a couple hours- and they cooked us some awesome food at the end. I love meeting members all over the place! 
wednesday, when i came back to Heilbronn, we met with a less active member named Br. Ruppel- hes russian so our lesson was half german, half russian. he would come to church if he didnt need to take care of his mother all the time- so we committed him to personal prayer and scripture study. Afterwards, the senior couple from Stuttgart was supposed to meet us at our appartment to deliver some furniture- and they got so lost on the way that they were 2 1/2 hours late! but we got the new shelves eventually haha. cool story- we had bought a watermelon on monday (because watermelon is awesome) and we had sliced it up while we were waiting. we had the thought to leave a few slices for the Bensons (the senior couple) when they got there. Well when we gave them those simple slices, they almost cried they were so happy, because we didnt know it, but watermelon was their favorite treat! something to do with when they were dating and some story with a watermelon... anyways, we felt good that we had saved some for them! That evening, a man took us out to dinner from Boston- he was a member here on business who wanted to take the missionaries out to eat- he was so nice! Br Micheal Lewis is his name- and during dinner we somehow found out that the missionary who baptised him 24 years ago is none other that sister Allmans (the sister from Singen) older brother! So we called sister allman on the phone and he was able to talk to her and begin reestablishing contact with the missionary who taught him! cool right! Through small and simple means the lord does his work...
Thursday was one of those reallly hot days- but it ended kinda crazy! We were at dinner with some members, when we recieved a text about a storm warning- that a hail storm was coming and that we should return to our appartments and lock ourselves in- it seemed sunny outside still. but within 15 min. dark storm clouds had rushed in and the wind was blowing like crazy, so we did our best to make our way home and out of the storm. it never got worse than wind... but in other places in our zone it was hailing like crazy aparently! 
Friday, we went to help the Zanders build their fence again- and it was tons of fun. Br. Zander is actually the ex-husband of a family in Göppingen, and his son, Michel who normally lives in Göppingen, was spending the weekend in Heilbronn, so i got to see him again! that was fun!
the best story of the week was saturday though. you might be wondering why the letter is called Brigitte- well. she is the girlfriend of a member, and she came to church last sunday. I approached her to ask how she liked the church and if she would like to know more! she agreed and we set the date for saturday. Well we went to meet with her (and Br. Trippel the member) and they told us they were planning on getting married soon. Then she said she wants to be a member before they get married, and she asked "how can i join?" WOW! We can help you with that! so we explained to her the whole process and she will be baptised on the 21st of June! its a miracle for sure! Her real interest came because of the good example of this member. He is simply a commandment keeper, and she wondered why. so explained the resoration of the gospel and she is now going to be baptised! See how simple missionary work is! :) after that we taught a kid named Konstantine- he is a previous investigator who is struggling between mormons and jehovahs witnesses. we met and he had some bible arguments prepared... well, i had done a little studying, and i definitely stumped him with my bible scriptures :) i kinda had to catch him in a trap... thats not bad right? but he agreed to start reading the book of mormon again, so its all good!
I also gave a talk on sunday, but nothing else really exciting happened.
Well that was the week! Man! 
I sure love you guys! thanks for the letters and the prayers!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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