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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 72- BEST. WEEK. EVER.

Dear Family,
Well, i used a lot of my time writing a lot of people i didnt write last week... foolish decision? maybe- because now i dont have much time to write about the best week ever! It was seriously so cool! 
First off- i need to comment on the World Cup- Germany is going nuts- or europe i should say. people take this so seriously- its like walking around a college campus on gameday... just all day every day. After Germany won again Portugal last monday it was chaos in the city all night long- people really love soccer here. We got permission from president miles to watch 2 matches- so we are going to watch USA v. Germany on thursday- as much as i love USA, i hope for my safetys sake that we dont beat them haha. 
Well, in other big news- Brigitte got Baptised!!! It was SO COOL! Such a sweet baptism, and we had tons of people and visitors at her baptism. I would send a picture home, but the computer is being silly and wont let me load pictures. Plus my card got completely full- so im just going to send the card home in a letter and you can have all 857 photos on my camera. 
This week was the best because of all the cool people we met! We met with our cool Indian investigator again- his name is Desuja- he really wants to change his life and come to christ- he is maybe 25-30 years old- so hes cool to be with. We took him to the baptism on saturday as well- he LOVED it! he was taking pictures of everything! 
Also, we met a couple from Turkey/Bulgaria- they invited us over (we thought we would be teaching the husband because the wife doesnt speak german) but it was for the woman! she is muslim, but wants to be baptised a Christian ASAP! She had a dream that she needed to be christian, and we met her the next day- cool stuff! But she has a long way to go to help her understand everything... but we will work on it! 
We also met a guy on the street from North Korea- i used the few sentences i learned from you dad!- and he seemed really interested. hopefully we will meet with him next week!
and then on saturday, before the baptism, we went to play soccer with some young men from our ward who are from Ecuador (by the way, playing soccer with europeans/south americans just proves to me that we arent very good at soccer. they are just naturally so good at soccer!) and on the way we were standing on a bus stop and a man came up and asked us what we  were doing in germany- and his name is Bruno. hes like a 50 year old german guy. he was way stoked to hear there was a mormon church in Heilbronn and wanted us to visit him next week! So cool! 
These are all random mixed stories... but the best miracle story of the week (possible of my mission) was on thursday night! So, two weeks ago, Elder Rozan got the feeling like we should call this less active member (Bruder Kästle) that we had never met before- we called him and he immediately invited us over! We have visited him twice now- both times he told us his life story (he was completely active, in the temple, everything for 30 YEARS- then he got divorced from his wife, moved wards, and had an argument in the church here 8 years ago and never came back) and he just told us so many excuses about why he doesnt come to church (too far, he doesnt like the people, doesnt trust the church leaders, he has questions about the pearl of great price... ect.) pretty much doubts everything. But we had SUCH a spiritual lesson with him- we were all crying. well, short note to the story- a family recently moved to a town near his, from Ecuador, and they offered to take him to church. Br. Kästle lived in spain for a few years and speaks spanish. Sooo- he called us on thursday to tell us that this family had called him and talked to him and invited him to come to church. and he said "Well elders, i thought about it. and in two weeks, Im coming back to church! we're making progress!" WOW- it blew me away. 
Well, I dont have any more time. but this week was just so cool! 
Missionary work is the best. hands down.
I love you all!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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