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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 77- transfer calls!

Liebe Familie,
this week was dramatic. emotional. but we survive haha.
the transfer is.... im staying! Im getting Elder Robertson- hes been his whole mission in the switzerland, but hes coming up to heilbronn now! Hes British! that makes my 4th euro companion! It makes me miss america a little bit haha... Elder Rozan was originally supposed to go to Frauenfeld to work with another spanish missionary (which was already crazy!) but they called us again last night and changed it! Hes going to Dielsdorf now to work with a german guy! Dielsdorf is just a part of Zurich- so hes going to the biggest city in switzerland! crazy!! Its been an emotional rollercoaster trying to say goodbyes and stuff. elder Rozan has been such a champ! He works so hard and is such a good example. Im going to miss that guy.
Ill share two cool stories from the week!
1- NATTA! She is our new investigator and she will be baptised on the 30th of August! She is a referal from a member in Stuttgart- she is 22, married to a german guy- was born in Thailand, but grew up in germany. She used to be Budhist, but was always dissapointed with it. This member taught her how to pray and she has been praying for months now- and she has felt the heavenly father loves her. She wanted to know more about Jesus Christ- so this member refered her to us! She attended church in Stuttgart once, where she recieved a blessing because of a recent car accident she had had, and that evening, she felt all the pains taken from her body- basically she is golden! We visited her this week, and she just swallowed up the gospel! She is sooo ready, and we are so excited to teach her. way cool! 
2- we recieved a different referal from the Ellwangen Elders- it was a man living in a small town in the forest. so we took a long bus ride into the forest to go contact this guy. On the way, this skater kid, about 16 years old, got into the bus and sat close to me- i saw he had a piano book, so i asked him if he took piano lessons. He looked up and realized quickly that i was an american- which led to quesions about what i was doing here... etc... anyways, i noticed then that he also had a BIBLE in his hand! So i told him i was a representative of Jesus Christ- and began to explain the restoration. It was one of the best moments of my mission- i have never seen the eyes of someone light up like this kid. He asked so many questions and just lit up with the knowledge of prophets and priesthood. He got out at the same stop as us and we gave him the book of mormon. He was a little nervous to give us his info- but he took ours and the book of mormon. Ive never been a fan of the phrase "planting seeds" but i truly felt poweful witness that this boy was prepared for the gospel. I dont know if i will teach him, or someone years from now, but i saw the light literally light up his eyes like a fire. It was incredible. i cant even describe it.
that was basically our week. We are just working hard- im looking forward to the changes and hopingthat it will all go smoothly!
I love you all! 
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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