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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 78- Elder Robertson

hoi zämmä! 
this week was STELLAR! Man, we have been having a good time indeed. lots of things been going one thats for sure! The first half of the week was kinda hard saying goodbye to elder rozan- pday we went to the Mercedes Benz museum with the district- also said goodbye to edler herog- man im gonna miss that guy so much! Then we were just getting Elder Rozan ready to go for the next couple days... then thursday he was gone! we had to wait all day in Stuttgart for our new companions to get there- then Elder Robertson came! i feel bad for the guy- he spent 8 hours in a train coming up from Bern! but we got home to apartment, threw his bags inside, and ran straight back out the door for our first appointment! it was a great way to start our comp! hit the ground running! 
Elder Robertson is from Birmingham, England- but his dad works for the church in Frankfurt, so he has been living there since 2008. Its weird because his house is like an hour and a half away from here..... but we dont let that distract us! he is also taller than me- that doesnt happen too often! He is a man of many talents- drawing, singing, soccer (football as the euros call it...) and that kinda of stuff. hes a way funny guy. not goofy... more... devious. its pretty fun.
I dont have much time, but the BEST part of our week- Natta, the girl who wants to be baptised (from Thailand) came to church and LOVED it. to get to church, she would have had to ride a train that got her there 2 hours early- which she was prepared to do- but a member went and picked her up and she was able to come and visit all the the members and make tons of new friends. she just fit right in so well wit the other young people. plus she shared a way cool experience she had- a friend called her up last week because his girlfriend broke up with him and he was having a hard time and he had a test coming up- soo Natta prayed to know what to do. then she went to help him- taught HIM how to pray and they prayed together that they could pass this test. then she invited him to learn more about the church because he passed the test and basically has a testimony of prayer! he couldnt come this week, but is coming next sunday! basically Natta is a rockstar! 
I guess that was the best part of the week. we are just working hard, seeing miracles. loving life. i hit my "18 month mark" this week... odd. but i dont think about that much.
By the way- happy anniversary to scott/julie and malcolm/laura this week!  love you!
I love you all so much! 
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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