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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 70- turn up the heat!!!

Beunos Dias! <- that is the extent of the spanish elder rozan has taught me. he just likes to speak german haha. But i also learned to say- hallo, grandma i love you- in russian! But i dont know how to spell it in russian... so i cant write it to you.
This week has been crazy... and when i say crazy, i mean all our plans got chewed up and spit out right in front of our faces haha. But weeks like that happen on the mission! We just do our best to keep moving forward always! 
monday night we did FHE with the branch president- man i have a lot of respect for that guy. he has 3 kids, is the branch president, and works like crazy. the poor guy seems really really stresssed- but hes keeping it all together good. he works in business- and as we got out of the car elder rozan and i had the same spooky impression. he turned to me and said- "when we were in the car- i had the feel like that would be you in 10 xears"- that was the same thought i had- stressed haha. lets hope we didn see the future! he seems happy though so thats ok.
Tuesday we took a bus out to a tiny tiny village for an appointment that fell out... the first of many haha. so we were stuck there for a few hours- and when we  got home we went to the Zanders house to make hollunder syrup! that stuff is my FAVORITE stuff to drink here- it is so good! And the gave me some hollunder seeds (for the hollunder flower/bush. i dont think we have that  in america) but they told me to send the seeds home  and we can plant it in our garden- so im sending the seeds home with some translated instructions- then someday we can make the syrup too! 
wednesday we went to stuttgart to district meeting and we ate lunch in this china garden place- weird culture mix haha. when we got home, our first appointment fell out, but then we had a lesson with brigitte and it went great! we taught the plan of salvation and she really loved it.
thursday i got really sick. i guess i caught whatever elder rozan had and it wsa  awful- but we went out and tried our best to keep going! we did a lot of work- but shortly said, all our plans failed haha. fun days!
Friday we went up to a place called Mosbach to track down some less actives- didnt find them, but in the train home, a different less active found US and came and invited us over! the lord works in mysterious ways i guess. In the evening we visited some way cool members- the Janottas- they are a young hipster couple. they are super cool.
Saturday we finally had another appointment with a guy named herr Krausse- he is super nice and catholic, and we had a long debate about the great apostasy. and in the middle of the lesson the Robins family stopped by to deliver the package! Thanks so much for the socks and candy- they are AMAZING and muuch needed- you guys are the best!
Sunday was Pfingst (pentacost) sunday- and lots of members were on vacation- but we were able to do a special sunday school class for brigitte on word of wisdom and tithing- those were the big ones we were worried about- but she totally accepted them- no problems! man she is so cool! After church we got invited by some members to lunch- they are really nice, but really old as well-- and we ate old person food. yum....
Well that was the week. Its been REALLY hot lately- it was 38° yesterday- i dont know what that is in F° but its really hot haha. we survive though!
Im running out of time... but i love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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