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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 73- Post Baptism Blues :)

Liebe Familie,
dont worry, i put a smiley face after the Blues because i think its just natural for everything to slow waaay down after a baptism! Even though the beginning of the week looked really really cool- unfortunatley people use their free agency to do silly things- like cancel our appointments or cease answering their cellular phones! Well, whats a goof ta do? We just keep moving forward like usual i suppose! 
Naa the week wasnt that bad- im just being mega dramatic. It was actually really fun! We were in Stuttgart on Tuesday for district meeting, and in the evening, we had to clean out a shed at the church that was FULL of old stuff from a deceased member- a little gross, but no big problem for us! That was just the prep for CLEANING DAY- wednesday we were ordered from the mission to lock ourselves inside the whole day and clean clean clean the apartment- we thought we would run out of stuff to do, but we were decieving ourselves! It was 10 PM and we were still cleaning... yikes. The next day the Zauggs from stuttgart came to inspect the apartment- and of course they had to open the oven and see that we didnt scrub it out- what else could they expect from two 20 year olds ?? 
Thursday we were able to teach Desuja (our investigator from India) and he really opened up to us- so we taught a lot about repentence- it was really a cool moment! then thursday evening...... we watched DEUTSCHLAND v. USA FUßBALL!! we watched it with the Zanders- and in the pictures, even though im wearing my germany jersey, i was still cheering for USA dont worry! Stars and stripes forever baby! But we lost :( We will still be playing Belgium tomorrow- so life goes on! 
Friday nothing really worked out like we wanted... until we taught Herr Krausse in the evening. he is making REALLY slow progress. but he cooked us some AMAZING italian food- oh my goodness it was so good. it was rosemary bread rolls, with green olives in the middle- it was to die for it was so amazing! 
Saturday we did a finding day in Pforzheim- of course it poured rain and i forgot my umbrella- but thats what makes life fun! 
All in all- its just another week in the life of a german missionary :)
I love you all! 
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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