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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 71- Fun in the Black Forest!

Grüß euch!
Well, today i dont have time to write many people personally- we spent the day in the Black Forest hiking around! So... ill be sure to attach some pictures next week :) But ill do what i can to write many people- from your emails it sounds like youre all packed to the brim as well with summer activities... its good that we are all staying busy!
As for me- this last week was pretty fun, i must say! 
Tuesday we were in Stuttgart for a farewell conference with President and Sister Miles- oh my goodness i cant believe they are leaving!! they have had such a major influence on my mission... i cant even express how grateful i am for those two! They gave us a CD with ALL of the their pictures from the last two years- so ill be sending that home so you can have a lot of pictures of the mission :) :) :) They talked to us about consecration as a final goodbye thought- its was really really good. it got me so pumped! then i went on exchanges and worked in Ludwigsburg with Elder Allen- he was in the MTC with me- it was fun to work with someone "my age" so we could talk about all our experiences up to this point- missions are so cool and teach us so much! we were pretty much able to bear testiomony to eachother all night- so cool!
Wednesday we switched back and went to the Zander family- yes dad, they are pretty much our adopted family. they love to have us over and ask us to come at least once a week. Br. Zander is working on coming back to church, so we love to come and support him in that. And no mom, im not depressed in those pictures haha- its a look of serious concentration! thats what happens when you eat Raclette! Raclette is a swiss dish- you have a little griddle- and you cook all sorts of different things on top, while roasting a special swiss cheese underneath- its so yummy! I really love that family so much! 
Thursday we had a PACKED day! We met with this man from India- he is an honest seeker of the truth- so sincere! We have a lot of hope with him- and right after we met with these two 20 year old girls we met in the train..... i think they came to the appointment with other intentions- but we tried to just bear testimony and invite them to church- we'll see if they have interest in meeting again haha. Then in the evening we met with Brigitte- she is SO COOL! Im so pumped for the baptism this saturday- pretty much all the plans are set in stone, and its definitely going through- ill write more about her next week. 
Friday we had transfer calls... we are staying 6 more weeks! and im so grateful- elder rozan is a BEAST! we met with a less active named Br. Kästle- his story is really sad. he was really active in north germany for many years, been to the temple and everything- and then he moved, didnt like the ward and just stopped coming! now he doubts his testimony of everything! AHH! i dont understand how that just happens! i guess its like Alma 32- if you dont water the tree its gonna die! But he was really nice and its looking like we can help him make progress towards coming back! 
Sunday in the church finalized all the plans for the baptism with the ward- its looking like a lot of members are going to be there and are helping! Im so stoked! this is a way cool baptism for sure! 
Well, that was pretty much my week- today was way fun hiking in the black forest- this place looks like its in a fairy tale- it really doest feel real! that feeling hasnt even worn off the  last 17 months.... haha i dont think it will!
Well, I love you all- thanks for everything! i promise to write more next week!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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