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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 75- Winter has come and gone...

Well, i need to start off by declaring- GERMANY WON THE WORLD CUP! this time i didnt get to live through the craziness really, because by the time they won the game it was midnight and we were all asleep. So today people are a little more tired... but the excitement is still there. World champions! 
And now my reference to winter is because we broke out the winter coats this week because it was FREEZING! i think it started on tuesday night when a huge thunderstorm rolled in, then its rained on and off ever since and the temperatures went WAY DOWN... like from 28-30° on monday to 13° on wednesday! 13°!! it was so cold! (by the way, i mean C°, i dont know what that is in F°) But we are considering it a blessing.. working in the heat is never fun.
This week was super fun! Monday night we made home made Maultaschen with the Zanders- they are teaching us how to cook all sorts of Schwäbisch foods! Tuesday we went out to a small village to visit an investigator- DRAMA. there is seriously a soap opera going on between him, his wife, and his nieghbor, involving lots of money, guns and threats, and probably adulterous relationships. and we are trying to teach the gospel in the middle of all that. i wrote down the whole affair in my journal- its really dramatic haha. In the evening we visited this family called the walters- they are a family of really really quiet white personalities- if you know what i mean. so elder rozan and i had to supply 99% of the conversation at the dinner table. those appointments are always fun.
Wednesday we FINALLY had a ward council- my first one since coming to Heilbronn! It was hilarious, as they always are. many things discussed, feelings hurt, jokes told, not much decided. classic.
thursday we visited a less active in a city on the border of our area- his apartment was FULL of books about philosophy and history, and it was full of smoke- because he wouldnt stop smoking, but he was too cold to open the windows... (i think im going to die someday of 2nd hand smoke) but he talked to us for 2 hours about all the problems in the world, and why his faith is week and thats hes lost hope in humanity. and i couldnt help but ask myself- "why do you care about the worlds problems? you are out of a job, sitting alone in a run down apartment smoking all day, and you are worrying about the worlds problems? GET YOURSELF TOGETHER, solve your own problems, then you can think about how to solve societies problems." of course i didnt say that- but i was thinkin it. we will probably go back this week haha. Friday we had 2 AWESOME lessons- one with a 20 year old guy named Maurice who we havent seen in months, and one with a pretty regular investigator. Both we SUPER spiritual- especially maurice. he is a sincere seeker of truth, and he is the youth that the ward and the church needs! 
Saturday was the ward BBQ and hike- luckily the rain stopped long enough for the hike, but the BBQ had to happen inside because of the pouring rain. it was SO FUN! none of our investigators could make it, but the members invited some of their friends and we had some way cool conversations. plus, that evening, we decided to go outside and talk to somepeople (despite the rain) and on the street we chose there was only ONE person- so we went straight to him and told him we were there with a message about the truth- he invited us straight into his house! (which he happened to be standing in front of)- he was a little drunk, but he told us he reads a lot and he searches for the truth. so we left the book with him and told him we will come back when hes not drunk anymore. super cool! And finally, sunday was great. a young couple blessed their baby in the church, so we were full of visitors! Plus, we had an investigator couple come, named Nida and Cicek- thats a really long story. depending on what happens this week, i will explain later :) but it was all good fun. We are really blessed!
I hope we all take a minute to consider how blessed we are to be reading this email on a computer right now- that we even have access to such things! The Lord has truly enlightened the world for our benefit and for the bringing to pass of his eternal purposes! how humbling to know that "the glory of God is Intelligence" and that he has granted parts of that intelligence to us (i hope i didnt misquote that scripture!)
Anyways, I love you family! wish me luck this week!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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