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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 74- new mission president!

Liebe Familie,
what a week, what a week.
This last week we had to do a lot of evaluating- our work as missionaries and the progress of our investigators- after many many fallen out appointments- we decided its time for extreme area makeover- we are going to try out some new tactics this week because we need some new people!!
I would say the most exciting thing i could report would be our adventure of friday/saturday- we got invited over to the Zanders to watch our 2nd of 2 allowed soccer matches- this time France against Germany- germany won! it was super cool! As soon as the match was over, we packed up everything we needed and headed to spend the night in.... GÖPPINGEN!!! It was so unreal being back- it felt like i had never left. sleeping in my old apartment- walking those streets- it was sureal. We had to spend the night because we were up early the next morning to head to Munich to meet the new misison president- president kohler! and göppingen is on the way to munich. The meeting began around 10- and got to know their family! They have 2 kids- Tanner who is 17, and Erika who is 13- I have so much respect for those kids! they packed up their whole lives and left for germany- they are real heroes. President Kohler and his wife are SO COOL! President Kohler helped write Preach My Gospel- and for those who are familiar with missionary work, he was the head director of "The District" DVDs- such a boss! The meeting was incredibly inspiring and it pumped us up! We also met as a zone while he interviewed us (basically he just asked us where we were from and how long we have been serving) and we talked about consecration to Gods work- it really touched Elder Rozan and I and we have decided to make it our quest to be consecrated missionaries! no more distractions- no wasted time- just work work work! I think that will help me keep my last 6 months in focus. Im really really excited about the coming weeks! Pray for us!
I love you all so much! 
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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