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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Woche 69- Summer time... and the living is... just like the rest of the mission

Guten morgen liebe geschwister! 
Wow what a good week. Elder Rozan is working me and himself to the ground! He actually caught a cold and isnt doing so good now- but i think thats a sign that hes working hard enough haha. its really inspiring to watch him. 
This week was really awesome! Tuesday we had district meeting in Heilbronn after which we did a finding day- and we found some awesome people! one guy named Pashk- we were talking to a different guy who didnt have any interest, and Pashk stopped to listen- he was really interested in the message! Ill talk more about him later though. 
Wednesday was one of those days that  looks really packed, but then everything seems to fall out! we taught a less active sister in the morning- she is really making progress towards coming back to church! then our appointment with another less active brother fellout in the afternoon. But we were able to meet with the ward mission leader finally and discuss plans for the area and the ward (much needed) and then we took a train to a northern village callled Möckmühl- and we called the guy an hour before to confirm before making the long trip- WELL he wasnt there. wont answer his phone. thats life though! 
Thursday we went by to check up on a romanian friend of ours who we gave a book of mormon- and he has actually read aLOT! and he is interested! the language barrier is pretty hard, so we ordered a bunch of material in romanian so we canteach him next week! Then in the evening we met with Brigitte- she is so great! we taught the restoration and she just absolutely loved it! what a golden investigator! and the member is obviously really happy too- because his future wife will be a member! 
Friday we spent most of the day with the Zanders working in their garden- did you get the pictures from him? They are such a great family- seriously some of my best friends here. and its good to work with them- because br. zander is actually coming back from inactivity a few years ago- he has a rough past. so its good to help him. 
Saturday was crazy! We went and worked with a different less active named Josh Warner (ok crazy story, he was a missionary here in 98-00 and then came back and married a girl here and has nothing to do with the church for 12 years, then the missionaries found him again, and he is super nice and lets us come work. BUT the craziest part- hes originally from West Valley! he went to Hunter jr. high!) so we worked with him, then the went to our new friend Pashk- wow. he lives in the middle of nowhere. literally. its so far out there. He has a lot of problems to overcome- but he believes faith can help, so we are excited to work with him! in the evening we taught Constantin- or jehovah witness friend. he isnt really a JW- but his grandma is, and he is trying to decide between us and the Jdubs. He has some really interesting questions about the bible and such- he has made me study really really hard. But ive been enjoying it. it strengthens my testimony that the church is true! I never use the arguments i find, because i dont like to argue with people- but i mostly like to find good arguments just to satisfy myself knowing i would be right if i had to be :) 
Well thats about it! sorry if its a little short!
I love you all! thanks for all your support and everything you do! 
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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